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Years ago I worked for Kiss108, and the first DJ Company we started was known as “Better Music” because no matter who was playing, we WERE better! Over thirty years ago I began my DJ career at Spinoff & Dance Factory in Kenmore Square (now Jillian’s), Jason’s and then private functions with Bill Costa. Over the years and thousands of weddings, I have worked with some of Boston’s Best DJ’s including Matt Siegal, J.J. Wright, Ed McMann, Lady D (the Real Diana Steel), (the late) Sonny Jo White, Dale Dorman and Vinny Peruzzi. Everyone of these professionals taught me the art of entertaining while spinning the music.

While some DJ’s prefer to speak more than they play music, my style has served me and for all those I have worked, my style is professional. I make announcements when needed, but generally I let the great selection of music do the work. The right mix of music and the right attitude make all the difference. I approach every function with the understanding that I am there to please you and your guests and I do everything I can to ensure they have a great time. I take requests, keep an eye on the dance floor and play the very best music. I use Bose equipment for superior sound. I always wear a tux to weddings and always dress professionally for each and every function.

There is no greater asset than experience, expertise and professionalism. I’m sure that once you have me DJ for you, for whatever your function, you too will agree.

If you think you might be ready to book or even learn more, call now for your date because I am just one person, not a company, so when you book me, you get me.

Let’s talk about your event, give me a call at 617-201-1230 or fill out the small form you see on this page and we can get started!

DJ Mike

DJ Mike Walsh

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